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  • MegaOne Chocolate Mint Meal Replacement Shake Six Pack

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    The ultimate in light weight emergency bug-out foods. Just add water and you've got a nutritious meal anytime, anywhere!

    NEW IMPROVED FORMULA! Emergency foods are often lacking in essential nutrients and protein. When you add the MegaOne Superfood Powdered Protein Mix to your emergency food stores, you ensure your family gets the nutrition they need in an emergency situation. With 27 grams of plant-based protein, 20g of fiber, and a host of super foods added in, this powdered meal replacement shake is the perfect addition to any emergency food. Even better, it’s creamy chocolate flavor will have even the pickiest of eaters asking for more.

    Single Package Information
    Total Servings: 15 Hearty / 30 Light Servings Per Package
    High Protein: 27g per serving 
    High Fiber: 20g per serving 
    Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Natural