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  • MegaOne Protein Shakes - Variety Pack w/ Chocolate, Vanilla, and Banana

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    NEW IMPROVED FORMULA! MegaOne protein shakes are a delicious, diet-friendly way to get a full day’s worth of fruits and veggies in for less than 270 calories. These plant-based protein shakes are low in sugar and fat, making them perfect as a weight loss/diet aid or for a low-calorie, protein boost after a tough workout. The variety pack of protein shakes is perfect for emergency meal replacement and a great weight loss aid. Enjoy chocolate, vanilla and banana, 3 of our most popular flavors. 

    Package Information 
    Total Servings: 90 Hearty / 180 Light Servings 
    High in Protein: 25-27g per serving
    High in Fiber: 20-21g per serving 
    Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Natural

    Raw Protein Shake for Healthy Diet/Weight Loss

    • Total Servings: 90 Hearty / 180 Light Servings
    • Hearty Serving Size: 3 Scoops (260/270 Cal, depending on Flavor)
    • Light Serving Size: 1.5 Scoops (120/135 Cal, depending on Flavor)
    • 2 Pouches of Each Flavor - Chocolate, Vanilla, and Banana
    • High Protein (25-27 grams per hearty serving)
    • High Fiber (20-21 grams per serving)
    • Low Active Carbs (11 grams per serving)
    • Great for breakfast, weight loss, nutritional supplement
    • Great for hiking, camping, disaster supply & more
    • Natural Ingredients
    • Made with 55 Organically Grown Fermented Superfoods
    • Non-GMO
    • Gluten Free
    • Vegetarian
    • Lactose Free
    • Dairy Protein Allergen Free
    • Plant-Based Protein Blend made from Pea, Brown Rice, and Chia
    • Contains endohydrolyicepeptidase blend: Non-animal enzyme blend that significantly improves protein absorption and maximizes amino acid retention. 2X BETTER PROTEIN ABSORPTION
    • Enzyme blend provides instant protein hydrolysate
    • Sugar alcohol free
    • Digestive support and comfort
    • Post exercise recovery
    • Maximum hunger control
    • Contains Organically Grown Non-GMO Brazillian Grown Soy
    • Long shelf life: 5+ years
    • Just add water and shake to prepare
    • 21 Vitamins and Minerals
    • Low sugar and low fat
    • Complete Vitamin B Complex
    • Contains Tagatose, a dairy protein allergen free product (derived from dairy)
    • DRINK WITHIN 20 MINUTES FOR BEST TASTE. Endohydrolyicepeptidase breaks down protein rapidly, which can cause a sour taste after 20 minutes. 

    MegaOne plant-based protein shakes are delicious and nutritious. Use them in whatever way suits your diet or weight loss needs best. Protein shakes are made from 55 superfoods and include 21 essential, immune-boosting vitamins and mineralsFuel your weight loss goals without sacrificing your health. MegaOne diet shake mixes are sealed in puncture-proof Mylar pouches and are easy to make: just add water and stir. Up to 5+ year shelf life.

    Legacy's plant-based protein shakes are convenient in any situation and fit most diets and lifestyles. Add protein shakes to your emergency food supply and store crucial vitamins and minerals from fruits, vegetables and superfoods without being subject to the short shelf life of fresh produce. Use MegaOne protein shakes for post-workout recovery or as a wholesome snack to boost weight loss. Get all the dietary benefits at the lowest cost per pound in the food storage market.

    Keep your family healthy and strong by adding nutrient-dense protein shakes into their diets. Plant-based protein shakes taste so good no one will know they’re digestive friendly or a powerful weight loss tool. Use this protein-packed shake to build muscle, perpetuating weight loss hours after you work out. Versatile protein shakes are good for a quick breakfast, a tasty treat that won’t kill your weight loss diet, a boost before exercising or a lightweight snack while hiking/camping.

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